Variety of Apps that can be written in JavaScript

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JavaScript is the most common programming language used by developers, according to StackOverflow Survey 2022. It is not only used to create our website more dynamic. It is possible to use JavaScript to develop apps beyond our imagination. Are you curious about what type of apps can be written with JavaScript? Let's check it out!

1. Web Application, of course

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a. Client-side Rendering Web Application

Initially, you can develop a web application or just a website using JavaScript provided by web API. If you think your web app has difficulty handling value changes, you can use a library (like react, vue, etc) or framework(like angular) for better reactivity to your web app.

b. Server-side Rendering Web Application.

For example, you have successfully deployed the client-side react app into the hosting provider like Firebase hosting. Unfortunately, your web app is not shown on the first page of the Google search result. To resolve that issue, you can migrate react components into the next project directory.

2. Backend Application


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After nodejs was released in 2009, JavaScript developers were able to create backend applications instead of only frontend ones. Many big tech companies like LinkedIn, PayPal, and NASA use nodejs for creating back-end applications.

3. Mobile Application


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If you want to develop a mobile application, you have to learn programming languages like java, kotlin (for an android app), Objective C, or Swift (for an iOS app). But some developers create several frameworks (like React Native, Capacitor, etc) to enable web developers to develop a mobile app using JavaScript/TypeScript. Engineers from Google also make tools to use our web app, which can be used as an android app with Trusted Web Activities (TWA).

4. Desktop Application


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Like mobile applications, you must learn programming languages like C# (for windows apps), Objective C, or Swift (for macOS apps) to develop a desktop application. Contributors from Microsoft develop React Native Windows to enable reactjs developers to create both Windows and macOS apps.

5. Smartwatch Application


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Really? Yes, you can develop your app into a smartwatch with JavaScript. Some smartwatches allow you to develop an app with JavaScript like a Bangle.js and Fitbit. I hope there are "react native"-like for developing android and iOS smartwatches.

6. IoT (Internet of Things)


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Do you want to add a program to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other IoT devices? You can develop it with JavaScript, too! There are JavaScript frameworks like Cylon.js, JerryScript, Johnny-Five, and IoT.js to help you create your app for IoT devices.

Wow, there are many implementations with the JavaScript programming language! I'm using JavaScript for web apps, backend apps, and also several mobile apps. I would like to hear your opinion about what app do you want to develop with JavaScript?